Grosse Pointe Heights
November 2006 Ballot Proposal
The area now known as Harper Woods was originally part of Grosse Pointe Township since April 1848. The proposed name of Grosse Pointe Heights came in second to the choice of Harper Woods when the city was incorporated in 1951. The November 2006 ballot proposal would give current homeowners the chance to decide for themselves whether to keep the current name or to legally change to Grosse Pointe Heights. A recent switch by Eastpointe from their previous name (East Detroit) was reportedly inexpensive and has been said to have raised home resale values. The change to Grosse Pointe Heights can easily be done on a gradual basis to minimize costs and confusion. Some Harper Woods residents have already received U. S. Mail deliveries to their address in Grosse Pointe Heights providing they used the correct street address and zip code. Minor expenses such as city government forms and paperwork can be replaced with the new letterhead as old stock runs out.

Allowing the 2006 ballot proposal would give homeowners the opportunity to make their own decision. If you wish to encourage the city council to place the initiative on the ballot, you are welcome to attend the next city council meeting or simply mail a letter to:

Harper Woods City Council
19617 Harper Avenue
Harper Woods, MI 48225

For more information, email